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Women’s Wisdom Circles 


Awaken your inner rhythm of power and connect to your wellbeing in a supportive circle of women


We are about to delve into yoga for women’s health and energy for whatever stage you are at in your life.


Are you ready to: 


  • Connect to your inner energy (Shakti) in relation to nature’s rhythms and align yourself with them: moon cycles and seasonal cycles 
  • Discover the potential of your current cycle (regardless if you currently have a menstrual cycle or not) to connect you to your female vitality, self-respect and power.       


Our journey includes asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (hand gestures), bandha (internal body lock for energy flow), deep relaxation and profound meditations including yoga nidra, sound meditations, moving meditations, visualisations and chants to the deep feminine. You will leave feeling truly nourished and closer to your primal essence. 


Sundays 11am, 2hrs £25 (or £20 each for you and a friend if you come together).


​The practices are incredibly gentle and can be modified to suit your needs, we warmly welcome you whereever you are in your life and in your body.

These workshops are held by myself and my soul sister Anna, in her cozy studio in New Malden, just south of London.

Upcoming dates


Sunday 15th December

Sunday 26th January 

Sunday 16th February

Sunday 8th March 


Directly on my soul sister Anna'a website 


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