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Here is a little bit about myself and my background.


My encounter with healing and transformation started with transforming emotion and thought through painting, dancing and playing music. Both done in a complete free form with absolute disregard for eastetics and end product - this made it a very freeing vehicle for meeting everything that was inside, beyond discriminations of ugly and beautiful, acceptable or unaccebtable.


Moving into a more formal form of spiritual studies, I trained as a heart healer with Yvonne Wasini in the Golden Circle in Denmark in 2013. This was following an extensive and quite transformational programme of 8 months of heart centred meditation as part of the Mystery School programme created by Asger Lorentzen in the same place of study.


The work we did in the Golden Circle tought me about a vast range of spiritual energies - and strengthened a longing for the deep and ancient feminine*. I learned to work with very gentle and nurturing energies, to appreciate how beauty is a powerful transformative energy in itself. But it was also suffocatingly nice, too pretty and well behaved. I longed for drums, fat bass, and hip wriggles. For the mad experience of collective exstacy in big concerts and carnevals.


The goddess seamed to live in all the things steamy, sweaty, wet, chaotic, fragrant and beautiful - rain, dancing, love making, kissing, cooking, sunsets, spring leafs. I felt called for more physical practices, to feel the sacredness of everything that is the material expression of life force. This call was in part answered by yoga, even though a lot of the practices I first encountered were focused on disciplining the body and the mind in a slightly forceful (if effective) way.


This way my encounter with yoga echoed my encounter with other spiritual practices with a basic masculine paradigm and world view. There was a big focus on upward moving energy, and while there was presence of awareness in the body, it was not the joyful opening to the divine through the senses that I was looking for. I felt a deep appreciation for the power of the teachings along with a feeling of not being quite at home.


I trained as a 200h yoga teacher in Cambodia in 2017 with a traditional Indian teacher in Hatha yoga with an intense focus on developing capacity for inner awareness, and how to teach this in a yoga class. It was a transformative and invaluable 6 weeks in recidence, but I had at the same time a desire to burst through the structures we were learning, towards a more organic practice. 


There is a growing movement in (especially women's) yoga towards a more fluid and empowering way of practicing, one that encourages to listen inward, and place more emphasis on intuition and bodily feedback than on maintaining a specific form for the practice. I take great inspiration from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli who has a deeply respectful approach to the traditional lineages of yoga, while placing emphasis on practising according to intuition, enjoyment and the shifting needs of the female body. The philosophical basis of this approach is rooted in classical tantra, which welcomes all apects of life as sacred. 


I completed my teacher training in Womb yoga with Uma in 2018. the yoga I offer in workshops and classes is stricktly non dogmatic, always based on the premises that each person has their own truth and is the best positioned to tap into it. I offer practices and guidance aimed to open up a space for exploration of each individual's own experiences.   


I have completed training to facilitate Total Yoga Nidra (with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli and Ben Wolff) in a responsive and intuitive way. This is a practice that very much focuses on bringing you into contact with your own inherent healing powers, the wisdom of the body, and the resilliance to manipulation and marketing you find, when yuo drop into a deep state of wholesome being.


The inner journey as described above has been in a duetic relationship with my formal education and the travels it has brought me - I did a BA in Brazilian Studies during which time I lived in Salvador, Brazil, and subsequently a MA in African Studies during which I lived in Maputo, Mozambique, and Barcelona,  Spain. Before moving to London, UK and working different business jobs. Moving between such different places was excellent for learning about power structures and their inner workings, both inside the human mind and on a big scale in the global economy. It was also just an incrdibly abundant buffet of different people, rhythms, dances, smells, tastes, spiritualities and ways of life.


In this context the invitation to disregard external authorities and listen to your own body and heart, is an invitation to go beyond learned ideas, to find your own truth and inner freedom. This goes hand in hand with the extraordinary quality of openness. Openness towards others, towards the unknown, towards yourself, to love, to meeting Life herself in all her multiple and magnificent expressions. 


Listening to the soft voices of body and intuition, reestablishing an intimate relationship with them gives the strength that comes from being grounded in the Earth of your own body. A sturdy, stabile trust in yourself can grow from there, and with that the ability to listen to and follow the inner voice - whatever it may be calling for. And to feel, by connecting to the nature of your own body, the constant state of tender, loving bliss, which is inherent in all processes in nature. 


With enourmous gratitude to everyone who has been a teacher to me - both in a formal setting, and in informal ways, to the the inspiring, loving and holding hearts of the people around me, to the Great Mother in all her forms, and all the ways in which she reaches me. 


* The deep ancient feminine as an empowering force alive as nature and as our nature, as opposed to limiting social constructs of gender.

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